Antonyms for intends

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"Professor Maxon intends to wed one of these to his daughter," von Horn continued.

It's denied, you know, that he intends to come forward as a candidate in Morbihan.

But can it be your opinion, that he intends to humble me down to the level of his mean pride?

“I wish they would talk about the army, and what it intends to do,” was Dick's thought.

Is a fellow not to speak to a woman but he must say at once whether or not he intends to marry her?'

“And the man who intends to marry you,” Tresler added to himself.

Bailey,' he says, 'it has come to my ears that Gaius Ellis intends to run for that office.

Perhaps because he intends it shall be the last we may ever see of it.

"Father says he intends to do great things for you," she went on.

If so be that he intends in truth to bombard us, let him begin forthwith.