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noun as in desegregation

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  • desegregating

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More importantly, a 20-mile ride is elastic in that, despite being compact enough to integrate into your 17 waking hours, it gives you plenty to play with in terms of duration and intensity.

Voi, a Swedish e-scooter manufacturer, integrated Luna’s computer vision system into 50 of its e-scooters.

“Run Me to Earth,” by Paul YoonThough presented as a novel, this tightly integrated collection of six stories begins in the bombed-out shell of 1960s Laos, then jumps across decades and continents as characters ricochet around the world.

Like governors, these neurons manage a semi-dedicated region, so that any signal they transfer to the higher-ups—spinal cord and brain—is actually integrated from multiple sensors across a large distance.

Scenarios can also integrate a range of risk-mitigation strategies to test which would be most effective.

From Fortune

Companies are integrating new technologies like start-stop engines and new materials.

We really need to take the problem of hate violence seriously and do a better job of integrating minorities in our society.

This idea of integrating autistics into the workforce may be Danish postmodern, but it relies on a classic American formula.

But, so far, he seems to be “mentally stable and by all accounts he is integrating very well,” said Hodgson.

In short, integrating Arabs and haredim into the economy requires investment.

The integrating force of such a basin will often overcome the disintegrating force of race antagonisms.

Newton obtained the expansion of sin−1x by expanding (l − x2)−1/2 by the binomial theorem and integrating the series term by term.

It is held that women have the greater integrating intelligence, while men are stronger in differentiation.

Processing language is not equivalent to integrating these alternative means.

Nevertheless he made no move toward integrating by platoons while he was Chief of Staff.


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