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That means holding leaders accountable for encouraging the insurrectionary attempt by deliberately lying to their followers about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.THE SIMILARITIES TO THE LAST INVASION OF THE CAPITOL MATTER — SO DO THE DIFFERENCESLAWRENCE HATTERJANUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Insurrectionary movements at Rome in consequence of the pope's refusal to declare war against Austria.THE EVERY DAY BOOK OF HISTORY AND CHRONOLOGYJOEL MUNSELL
In March the insurrectionary movement spread from Lombardy to Piedmont.A HISTORY OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, YEAR BY YEAREDWIN EMERSON
Practically this Congress was an insurrectionary government, but no blow was struck until the spring of 1775.THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY: BEING A PLAIN HISTORY OF LIFE AND MANKINDHERBERT GEORGE WELLS
I feel some stirrings of the insurrectionary spirit myself when I see the red pantaloons at every turn in the streets of Rome.GEORGE ELIOT'S LIFE, VOL. II (OF 3)GEORGE ELIOT
Secondly, the insurrectionary career once entered upon, act with the greatest determination, and on the offensive.REVOLUTION AND COUNTER-REVOLUTIONKARL MARX
One additional incident of this insurrectionary period remains to be noticed.A SHORT LIFE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLNJOHN G. NICOLAY
Santa Anna and Alvarez are the only remaining insurrectionary chiefs in Mexico.MEXICO AND ITS RELIGIONROBERT A. WILSON
A change in the whole quality of life is something that neither the policeman's club nor an insurrectionary raid can achieve.A PREFACE TO POLITICSWALTER LIPPMANN
Therefore do not waste a single moment trying to devise any sort of insurrectionary movement on the part of the women.THE LIFE AND WORK OF SUSAN B. ANTHONY (VOLUME 2 OF 2)IDA HUSTED HARPER


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