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adverb as in harmlessly

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The messages, which look rather innocuous, are actually the latest salvo in a battle playing out between the two Silicon Valley Goliaths.

This includes seemingly innocuous scraps such as orange peels or a few nuts.

GPS disruptions can be caused by weather, user equipment or by other innocuous reasons.

From Fortune

The common denominator of all these phenomena is that they’re fueled in part by our seemingly innocuous participation in digital social networking.

Even something as innocuous as a Google search is powered by fossil fuel plants far away emitting greenhouse gases.

From Quartz

The company is innocuously and indirectly but also somehow reasonably called Washington River Protection Solutions.

And, today, Crossroads GPS begins running an ad, innocuously entitled “Basketball,” in 10 swing states.

It started innocuously enough back in 2009, with a shtick where his brother James pretends to teach Dave about acting.

Less innocuously, Morton claims she started doing some pretty heavy drugs, including coke and heroin.

It could start as innocuously as a businessman planning a more effective advertising campaign.

At that advanced time of life, too, a few occasional irregularities in the field may be innocuously permitted.

I have found that it is the early maid who catches the first snub, which otherwise might fall innocuously upon a husband.

Where you find sin, go ahead and denounce it mercilessly; but do it crisply, cuttingly, not dully and innocuously.

Peter wished she would turn the lightning upon Denzil, a conductor down whom it would run innocuously.


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