[ in-kyuh-beyt, ing- ]SEE DEFINITION OF incubated

Synonyms for incubated

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They kidded him into thinking that he had incubated a Whale.

In the latter is a cavity where the creature's eggs are incubated for a time.

These loaves are incubated for about a month at room temperature.

To increase the number of fish which are incubated from the eggs, replied Earl.

If born, is capable of living a few minutes, and it is reported that some six months' children have been incubated.

For art is the expression of the harmonies of nature, conceived and incubated by the harmonious instincts of man.

We wished to learn whether the male returned and incubated the egg.

Ducklings and incubated eggs were obtained in June and July, but he is of the opinion that the breeding season may be longer.

When yeast-juice is incubated alone or with sugar the amount of lactic acid may either increase or decrease.

When the juice from well-washed yeast is incubated, the phenomenon of autofermentation is observed.