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Part of it is deposited and frozen, and by increments the icing of these monstrous "cakes" is built up.
Its work is measured not by the patents of standing it issues, but by the material increments of knowledge it yields.
Thus bromine and iodine replace chlorine with increments of about 22 and 50 respectively.
If we supply the food unit by unit, the utility of the successive increments will decline along the curve BC.
We may represent a man's enlarging gratifications, not by such a mere series of quantitative increments, but by an enlarging area.
It is, in like manner, the absolute utility of the successive increments supplied which declines along the curve BC.
Withdraw the land from the combination, and you force the labor and capital to become marginal increments of these agents.
The increments of capital due to the earlier changes are far more than is required by the introduction of any later one.
In the figures A and B the perpendicular line ai represents a number of increments of production.
The increments of load should be chosen so as to furnish about ten points on the stress-strain diagram below the elastic limit.


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