[ in-kuh m-pres-uh-buh l ]
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But there is in his thought an incompressible energy of revolt.

Fluids are divided into liquids, or incompressible fluids, and gases, or compressible fluids.

Incompressible, in-kom-pres′i-bl, adj. not to be compressed into smaller bulk.

Water, though yielding, is incompressible, and offers to a moving body a resistance increasing with the speed of that body.

They are usually regarded as incompressible; at least, a very great mechanical force is required to compress them.

A solenoidal distribution of a vector is one corresponding to that of the velocity in an incompressible fluid.

Furthermore, two simple principles are taught by physics: Fluids are incompressible and they seek the lowest hydrostatic level.

The arteries are incompressible and rigid, the blood-pressure strikingly raised.

To every proposition in electrostatics there is thus a corresponding one in the hydrokinetic theory of incompressible liquids.

Let a source of fluid be a point from which an incompressible fluid is emitted in all directions.