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Perhaps on the trip from Cerberus Fossae to InSight, the high frequencies from ordinary signals became attenuated, making the signals look like low-frequency events, which are often associated with moving magma.

My longest stint was for two months, when I traveled under the polar ice cap to the North Pole with a team of scientists studying the Arctic environment and testing high frequency sonar and acoustic communications for under-ice operations.

Because these low frequencies have high energy and are more robust than high frequencies, this is also a convenient way to drown out excess environmental noise without cranking the volume.

Unlike web slinging, the reaction to hearing a predator’s high frequencies may simply be to stay put and hide.

Surprisingly, ogre-faced spiders can also hear fairly high frequencies, Stafstrom says.

Even those making money from deals made with high-frequency traders had no idea if they were making as much as they should.

The man behind ‘Moneyball’ goes inside the crazy world of high frequency trading to find billions being made by the nanosecond.

High-frequency trading computers execute hundreds of trades per minute, largely on autopilot.

High Frequency Trading (HFT) is a method used by financial institutions whereby stocks are traded in fractions of a second.

These upstarts appealed to the high-frequency traders who have come to dominate the market.

Warts are either better left alone or removed by a physician with the high-frequency spark or some other reliable method.

The whistles high frequency waves also awakened Cerberus, the three-headed watch dog, besides actuating The Dingus.

Repeated applications of the high-frequency current, with the vacuum electrode, have also proved serviceable.

Stimulation with the high-frequency current by means of the vacuum electrode is also of value.

Its high-frequency scream rose deafeningly above us and was torn away in unsteady gusts.


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