Thesaurus / hackled


Elnora's hair is bright and wavy, but yours is silky as hackled flax.

A Girl Of The LimberlostGene Stratton Porter

The 'gator was taken with a "fly" tied on a shark-hook, the hackled body being a squirrel's tail, with wings of a small seagull.

Fishing With The FlyCharles F. Orvis and Others

The line, after it is hackled, is placed on a spread board; and the process is called spreading.

Her hair looked like hackled flax and her eyes were large and gray.

An Arkansas PlanterOpie Percival Read

Body, bright green peacock's harl; hackled with a soft silver-gray hen's feather; hook No. 0, Kendal scale.

Bass, Pike, Perch, and OthersJames Alexander Henshall

It was on a Monday that Susan and I hackled fifty pounds of flax, and tired we were when the day was come to an end.

Ruth of BostonJames Otis

I'm not at all sure that humanity oughtn't to be hackled like weeds, and so toughen its hold on life.

When sufficiently beaten it is dried, and needs no other preparation, until it is hackled and spun into yarn for weaving.

June Dun—a feather from Dottrel's back, hackled on a body of blue Rabbit's fur and drab silk, dun hackle for legs.

The hackled flax, however, is taken direct to the preparing department.

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