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It could be one of the closest habitable planet prospects to date, although it’s probably not much like Earth if it exists.

The Emirates Mars Mission is part of a larger investigation that planetary scientists have been pursuing for decades now, hoping to discover what transformed Mars from a wet, warm, potentially habitable world into a dry and cold one.

Plus, at least three of them appear to be in the star’s habitable zone, the region where temperatures might be right for liquid water.

If there are no volatiles—and therefore no indication was once habitable or still might be—a sample return mission seems highly unlikely.

In fact, most planets that stayed habitable at least once, did so fewer than ten times out of 100.

Although Escobar's Cathedral was still incomplete, it was habitable.

In our Solar System, only smaller, rocky planets orbit within the habitable zone.

Imagine, though, a Saturn-mass exoplanet with a Titan-sized moon orbiting its star within the habitable zone.

So, for us to know if Kepler-186f is habitable or not, we have to consider several “ifs”.

Venus orbits the Sun within the habitable zone, and is only slightly smaller than Earth.

Switzerland, though a small country, and not half of this habitable, speaks three different languages.

This was the first small beginning of that great tourist business which now encircles the habitable globe.

Somewhere you must go, for the workmen are coming into the house; and for the next two months it will not be habitable.

It was true that almost every habitable part of America had already been seized by some European power.

No great attempt was made to get the guardians to provide the necessary separate accommodation, or to make it decently habitable.


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