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verb as in clean out, strip

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Scientists have fished plastic fibers and fragments from the guts of critters dwelling in ocean trenches around the Pacific Rim.

The response we have seen from survivors has been gut wrenching.

If a pathogen does manage to breach that barrier, the researchers say, the immune cells trained in the gut are ready to attack by producing a battalion of antibodies.

How to clean a dishwasherHard water can do a number on your dishwasher—mineral residue can build up in the guts of the machine, and even clog them.

Amy understands at a gut level how difficult it can be to find the right services for a person with a disability, to find the best educational fit, to find a college program that will educate her bright yet childlike daughter.

In the elevator, employees quietly chattered about the gutting of their paper.

In June of last year, the most partisan court in the country, the Supreme Court, weighed in, gutting the Voting Rights Act.

Actor Cory Monteith's tragic death at age 31 is a gutting loss for countless reasons.

To meet their budget targets, European allies are gutting already eviscerated military budgets.

To his credit, Rinella seems to realize that gory accounts of gutting and killing animals may be of limited interest.

And as for your filthy green-weed soup, how should a Mulla-mulgar soil his thumbs with gutting fish?

And all this bald chat about sacking towns and gutting convents?

As a matter of fact, the gutting must have destroyed everything, but I did not mean to take any risks.

The gutting of this Hill cost the city the fortunes of several contractors, and it ruined the Hill forever.

Then came the sense of the terrific blow caving in his ribs, gutting its way throughout his inside.


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