Antonyms for gurus

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In her eyes was now that far-offness, so habitual to mystics, gnanis and gurus.

The gurus, like the other natives, can sham, but they can't lie.

The gurus are dirty, careless about their bodies—but terribly arrogant.

The gurus have great knowledge of the mystical, but externally they're naive.

And who shall deny some of these gurus a supernatural power?

Presently from the temple came the gurus or priests, bearing the idol.

But thus had the gurus spoken for four thousand years, on Earth and on Ophiuchus.

His control over his people is still very real, and is in strong contrast to the waning authority of many of the Hindu gurus.

"I listen," I answered, trying to achieve that air of humility with which chelas listen to their gurus.

Adepts are generally initiated by their Gurus or masters, and I have not been fortunate enough to be the chela of an initiated.