Synonyms for grocery

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


He was determined to start a grocery, and start a grocery he would and did.

So the grocery was essentially a village club, and not a rural club.

There were also plenty of spoons, for everything was to be had at the grocery.

He looked more like a clerk from a grocery store than the commander of an army.

Mrs. Everat—her ninth child in eight years—in the grocery line.

But anything will do, except a grocery or a hardware store and places like that.

The lieutenant may go back to his grocery wagon or on to his department store.

Jane's left her dinner on the range and gone to the grocery.

Next morning I tried to bribe a boy to get me some food at the grocery store.

Hastening to the grocery store he asked the price of the soap.


mid-15c., "goods sold by a grocer" (now groceries, 1630s), earlier the name of the Grocer's Hall in London (early 15c.), from Old French grosserie, from grossier (see grocer). Meaning "a grocer's shop" is 1828, American English.

Self-service groceries were a novelty in 1913 when a Montana, U.S., firm copyrighted the word groceteria (with the ending from cafeteria used in an un-etymological sense) to name them. The term existed through the 1920s.