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And I believe that their purgatory will be the grayest and the longest of all the purgatories.

Her hair was down and the grayest lock of all showed plainly.

In the grayest of gray days we came to Sitka, and very likely for this reason found it a disappointment at first sight.

Perhaps she remembered their first months together when in the grayest days he saw color, because they belonged one to the other.

It was on the grayest of gray November days last year that I had the unhappy thought of revisiting this love of my youth.

And when the daylight came filtering reluctantly into the dungeon at last, it was the grayest, dreariest, saddest daylight!

Then, sir, you must have known The Maker's marvel,—youth that outstripped age And grayest saints in virtue.

The sunshine is his treasure; his lividest gloom contains it; his grayest twilight regrets it, and remembers.

The dose was repeated; the early dusk of the grayest month closed down upon the watchers in that room.

A sort of film came over my eyes, and the grayest of gray seemed the world round about.