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verb as in fall victim to

verb as in seize

verb as in come to be

verb as in arrive

verb as in contact for communication

Strongest match

Weak match

verb as in arrange, manage desired goal

verb as in convince, induce

verb as in have an effect on

verb as in produce offspring

verb as in irritate, upset

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Example Sentences

So you have to find your moments where you may not get the feedback that you want, but you got to walk away knowing that you did everything that you can to bring that character alive.

From Ozy

She’s persistent in some good ways, in some bad ways, but you got to give her credit for what she’s done.

From Ozy

When there’s blood in the water, when it looks like everything’s terrible, you got to buy.

From Ozy

I got to work by finding out where I could link to our guide internally from as many relevant posts on our blog as possible.

When he says this, entrepreneurs just leap out of the woodwork and they say, “You know, you got to be optimistic to get anything done!”

Hair Cressida: Tousled, shoulder-length, just-got-out-of-bed blonde mop.

Cara: Tousled, shoulder-length, just-got-out-of-bed blonde mop.

Let's not lose sight of the other leg--the I-was-CEO-I-wasn't-in-charge-I-retired-retroactively-but-I-still-got-paid leg.

Timothy Geithner has become America's latest if-only-we-got-rid-of-him-it'd-all-be-better bogeyman.

But what I can see is that Geithner has become America's latest if-only-we-got-rid-of-him-it'd-all-be-better bogeyman.

And a handsomely got-up pamphlet, illustrated with woodcuts, was placed in my hands, and I began to study the pages.

Smart, well-got-up young fellow, with a taste for the good things of life, but a trifle thin in the wearing parts.

This is taking the wise in their own craftiness, I reckon: and richly you deserve to lose all your ill-got hoard.

There's not an avenin' but I thinks to meself: Now, me dear, yu've a-got one more to fennish, an' then yu'll 'eve yore cup o' tea.

The handsome and expensively got-up publications inaugurated by Mr. Ackermann, began to occupy our artist in 1799.


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