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adverb as in unhappily

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One of these — Castiel — is a glum footnote that many fans will have a hard time accepting.

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Boyd glumly told him to go over to makeup, which was housed in a little cabin across the road.

The final chapter of the book is glumly titled "If Tax Reform Happens, It Will Be Because Grover Norquist Permits It."

Not that this would likely go anywhere either, he acknowledges glumly.

“Inundated, yeah,” Fitzpatrick says glumly, imagining what downtown will be like after the great earthquake.

“A deep political crisis of the Afghan society is obvious,” one participant glumly concluded.

Seizing a shovel, Johnnie's father slowly dug his way to Twinkleheels, who had stopped struggling and was waiting glumly for help.

"Happy, you drive," he said, and Happy Jack turned without a word and climbed glumly up to the seat of the mess-wagon.

The other two nodded glumly and we set off downhill again, heading back towards home.

"I can't very well find a cave in Antarctica and hide," I replied glumly.

Gordon hesitated, then swung glumly toward a corner where he could find a police call box.


On this page you'll find 11 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to glumly, such as: sadly, despondently, forlornly, gloomily, sorrowfully, and unpleasantly.

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