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This glow occurs because when electrons plow into the ice, they energize the material.

The brightness of that glow depended on the kind of salt in the ice, researchers report online November 9 in Nature Astronomy.

Instead, he thinks that the glow could be helping the usually solitary animals spot one another or communicate when they do meet up.

A golden glow bathes the tropical forest’s countless shades of green.

Until now, the glow in other chordate animals had been explained by their diet or from a symbiotic relationship with glowing bacteria.

Around them, Kansas City glowed in the midsummer dusk; ahead of them glimmered the future.

The carpet of lights below glowed bright; brighter still as our taxi entered Paris.

Amid worried NYPD, paramedics, nurses, and doctors, he glowed.

Ann practically glowed beneath the stage lights, a picture perfect first lady in waiting.

The man positively glowed as he pounded away at the Republican field.

She was a homely woman, with a small weazened face and body and eyes that glowed.

The gray eyes, once flashing with the light of kindly humor, now softened with sympathy, now glowed with pity.

For many a day afterwards my cheek glowed with pleasure at the recollection of that sweet obeisance.

Even the hardy Mohammedan was haggard and spent, and his oblique eyes glowed like the red embers of a dying fire.

There was a scar in the shape of a cross on the man's swarthy cheek, and it glowed redly with the anger that filled him.


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