Antonyms for girt

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Then girt him Beowulf in martial mail, nor mourned for his life.

I's only a laal man, but I's got a girt appetite, thoo sees.

Nobody could doubt that he had wandered in Siberian forests, naked and girt with a chain.

Then he prepared himself to go, and girt on his sword, talking earnestly the while.

Your hand has girt it round about with cliffs and peopled it with a peaceful race.

He turned to the girt who sat on the keel, silent, looking away to sea.

Remember we have the Council to face, and they are all girt for battle.

But the majority made for the hills, which girt the town like giants.

He saw in that instant that they were girt with a hastening and terrible death.

The whole territory of the Netherlands was girt with forests.