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noun as in configuration

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The writer Lindy West, for example, has studied photos of fat women in the hope of “coaxing a gestalt shift from revulsion to admiration.”

Wertheimer termed the fundamental principle of gestalt perception prägnanz, as the tendency to seek simplicity through recurrence, order, or symmetry.

In other words, I saw a mosaic, a gestalt—many pieces fusing to form a sum greater than the parts.

Not any specific feature of the series, but a sort of overall gestalt.

But on Wednesday, here was the White House to remind you that an MC is more than the gestalt of his lyrics.

To address the whole gestalt of the ultimate daiquiri, we need to come at this from two angles.

"Dreaming of you, of course," he said to the flesh-clad skeleton behind the total gestalt Judy.

Everett and his Telempathetic Gestalt have proved to be the equivalent of the world's largest survey sample.

Right now I needed a gestalt of something whose whole would be a lot greater than the sum of its parts.

Perls transformed the Gestalt psychologists' central idea so it would serve as a basis for his approach to psychotherapy.

If his action is successful, his Gestalt is closed: the problem is resolved, and the motivation is fulfilled.


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