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Substituting gaze for its original voice-based interface, the Assistant’s multiple integrations and communication tools should improve the capabilities of the Tobii Dynavox devices it now works on.

Many here feel the federal government in Berlin has abandoned them, but now, their gaze is turning to the east.

Camelback aims to help deserving founders who just need someone to believe in them, who haven’t caught the gaze of the right investors.

How to Confront Racism in PhilanthropyJoshua EferigheAugust 24, 2020Ozy

Eventually, only a tiny spot of color was left bouncing within a participant’s gaze around the virtual world.

In a paper published in Cognition in March, researchers found that eye movements occur more often at systole, while we fix our gaze on a target more often during diastole.

I gazed at commonplaceness and dulness—I mocked at it; and now it has conquered me!

Magdaléna forgot her partner and gazed at them with genuine delight.

The CaliforniansGertrude Franklin Horn Atherton

He gazed at Mr. Charles F. Furneaux with a surprise that was not altogether flattering.

Mrs. Barry's eyes widened as they gazed into his accusing ones.

In Apple-Blossom TimeClara Louise Burnham

It was too late now, and Larry gazed regretfully at the envelope.


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