Antonyms for gashes

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Some troubles ain't no more 'n a dull pain, an' some are like cuts an' gashes.

He smiled his close-lipped smile that made wrinkles like gashes in his cheeks.

Cuts, gashes, and bruises are the frequent experience of smacksmen.

The leg is good cut in gashes, and filled with a dressing, and baked.

All had been scalped, and the bodies were mutilated with gashes of the tomahawks.

My heart is one huge wound, from the gashes she has cut in it.

They whooped her awful and rubbed salt and pepper in the gashes, and another man stood by handed her a hoe.

The little fruit-trees had been felled, or lay half-fallen with gashes in their sides.

Has the gladiator no parents whom he feeds with that blood which flows from his gashes?

There were hideous welts and gashes and half-healed scars all over his body.