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noun as in liquid measure

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The millions of gallons that trickle and drain naturally into California belong to California.

Mix about 1½ cups of cleaner per gallon of water, then spray or mop on.

We’re letting millions of gallons of sewage-contaminated Tijuana River water go to waste by tossing it to the Pacific Ocean.

A family of four pees about 13 gallons a week, and that can add up to millions of gallons every year in a big city.

The K23 has a better battery—41 kilowatt hours versus the K27’s 17 kilowatt hours—but it takes a little longer to charge and gets fewer miles per gallon in both city and highway driving.

Three years later, Washington came armed with ample alcohol—enough for a half gallon for every voter—and won with 331 votes.

The result is that a gallon of milk at the local market costs $12.55.

“These people act like we drink a gallon of blood and hang upside down from crucifixes before we go onstage,” Rob Halford says.

Item 10 “Taxable refunds”… $1.98 at Safeway for a half gallon of milk that was past its sell-by date.

Every gallon of ice cream you purchase in the Grand Canyon State is guaranteed to weigh at least four and a half pounds.

Of course, it was the same gallon or two pumped around and around, but clear, flowing water is a sight on Mars.

I hadn't thought of burros—me on one of 'em—slapping with my hat to get two miles to the gallon!

The incomers slept eight in a room, burned oil at one dollar a gallon, and ate potatoes at ten cents apiece.

The price of oil was then about thirty-five cents a gallon at retail, or to the consumer.

The following evening he presented himself with a couple of one-gallon cans, one of them without a bottom.


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