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noun as in Afro

Weak match

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The Sunshine Protection Act would forgo turning clocks to and fro, repeating an unpopular experiment Congress tried in the 1970s and prioritizing evening light throughout the year.

At night, wandering mice navigate our homes by “whisking,” sweeping the sensitive specialized hairs on their faces to and fro, several times a second, in a manner Yong compares to the action of human eyes, which dart around to construct a scene.

Over time, though, gravitational tugs from giant gas clouds, spiral arms and other stars toss the stars to and fro.

Instead, Mayor and others studied a shift in the wavelength of starlight as a star moved to and fro.

One barge can take 70 large semis worth of goods to and fro.

The cupcake bubble has been replaced, as I documented last year, by a fro-yo bubble.

GETTING TO AND FRO: American Airlines offers nonstop flights to Madrid from New York, Miami, and Dallas.

With his slight frame and tasteful Jew-fro, Seth was the anti-heartthrob who launched a nationwide trend of “geek chic.”

There are plenty of upscale towns that may only have two or three fro-yo outlets.

Fro yo is supposed to be healthier because it has fewer calories.

Wycliffe translates the Vulgate: “And it as a modir onourid schal meete hym, and as a womman fro virgynyte schal take him.”

Five hundred of our fighting men are running to and fro between cliffs and sea carrying stones wherewith to improve our pier.

He passed to and fro in the city without the least insult being offered him by any Spaniard.

The broad veranda was shaded by a clump of tall banana-trees, swaying to and fro in the gentle breeze.

She turned back into the room and began to walk to and fro down its whole length without stopping, without resting.


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