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To me there is that about you which forbids me to think that your path in the world can ever be other than conspicuous.

The BertramsAnthony Trollope

His two sisters, Antigone and Ismene, discuss the edict which forbids his burial.

If you forsake it and go against it, you reject the authority of God, in doing that which you think he forbids you.

It involves no more than obedience to the old rule which forbids putting all one's eggs in the same basket.

How to Invest MoneyGeorge Garr Henry

If you follow it, you break the law of God in doing that which he forbids you.

Mamma forbids me to see you; but, except in regard to the atheism, she does not say any thing against you.

Dona PerfectaB. Perez Galdos

But God now forbids polygamy, under the gospel; and now it is sin.

Slavery Ordained of GodRev. Fred A. Ross, D.D.

An ordinance of Philip le Bel, in 1294, forbids any wheel carriages to be used by the wives of citizens, as too great a luxury.

But even as I wonder this, even as at this moment I stand in this pulpit for the last time, a voice within me forbids me to doubt.

The Altar StepsCompton MacKenzie

This, I believe, was in accordance with the law that forbids the sale of intoxicating liquors unless food is served with them.

NorwayBeatrix Jungman


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