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Each fission also releases additional neutrons, which bounce around within the reactor at a variety of energies.

Meitner was nominated for the prize — sometimes in physics, other times in chemistry — a whopping 48 times, most after the discovery of fission.

Hahn received the 1944 Nobel Prize in chemistry for the discovery of fission, but Meitner never won a Nobel, in a decision now widely considered unjust.

So we have to have other paths—like fission or fusion—that can give us that reliable source of electricity, which we’ll be even more dependent on than ever.

Seaborg recalled that at first Oppenheimer didn’t believe fission happened.

One of the isotopes of fission products, when fuel melts, is an iodine isotope, and it goes in your body through your thyroid.

Rick turned in time to see the side of El Viejo blow off in an explosion that made ten kilotons of fission seem puny indeed.

The United States, indeed, is still in the process of fusion following the earlier fission process.

Some bacilli after fission retain a characteristic arrangement and may be spoken of as Diplobacilli or Streptobacilli.

Such broad groupings as these have, however, but little practical value when applied to the systematic study of the fission fungi.

Prior to maturity the future line of fission is plainly indicated by the difference in color.


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