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The traces of the cart are made of fine threads of silk, and he fastens the threads of silk to the backs of the beetles with gum.

It is poverty that fastens the poison in the heart of the rejected lover.

An OutcastF. Colburn Adams

He lays the portfolio on the table, takes out the sketch and fastens it to the table with thumb-tacks.

Uncle VanyaAnton Checkov

Thus he takes Deer (which he cannot catch by running) and fastens his Teeth into their Shoulders and sucks them.

Early in the month of May the mother perch lays her eggs, which she fastens in long bands to the leaves of water-plants.

Its tail is long: with this, as well as with his feet, it fastens itself to the branches of trees.

The Chicken makes straight at him, and fastens on his throat.

Spare HoursJohn Brown

A man then comes behind, ties a very large cord to each of his hind-legs, and fastens the other end of it to two great trees.

He fastens a fur cap down over his head and draws on his long fur mittens which reach up to his elbows.

He who listens to the devil's teachings will at last repent it sorely; he who fastens his hope on him will follow him to dim hell.


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