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noun as in lunatic fringe

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They died for simply going to work that morning, killed by religious fanatics, homicide victims all.

A pivotal moment comes when Amir admits he felt more than a flicker of pride when fanatics attacked the Twin Towers.

The rise of these fanatics in Iraq and Syria means many things.

When he attacked “bosses” and “political machines,” he made sure to denounce “demagogues” and “fanatics” in the next sentence.

Who runs a democracy this way, limiting polling places and hours to ensure that nominees are crowned by a narrow band of fanatics?

Am I wrong in connecting this sort of imagination with that which one witnesses in fanatics of religious faith?

The accused malignants, on the other hand, complained bitterly of the impertinence of meddling fanatics and hypocrites.

Then followed another column, reviling the cowardly fools, as they were termed, whom captivity had converted into fanatics.

They are either fanatics, or scoundrels, or ambitious men, whose word we can not rely upon.

What an answer to the platitudes of fanatics who have the audacity to assert that philosophy is but the fruit of libertinage!


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