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Perhaps Bentham's Book of Fallacies is too political for me to commend it to you here.

It also helps to guard us against some fallacies by showing the consequences which flow from them.

In the 'Innocents' he laughs at delusions and fallacies—and enjoys them.

“That is one of the most popular of fallacies,” she answered me crushingly.

Science has been built upon concurrence: so have been most of the fallacies and fanaticisms.

It is to these failures and fallacies that attention will be drawn in the next chapter.

See this phrase expounded in Works ('Book of Fallacies'), ii.

It is these fallacies, and not their critics, that create the most of scepticism.

All the disappointments, fallacies, and torments of hope pass away.

It is my experience that unsettles the fallacies which you name 'convictions.'