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This time it’s a half-hour with Hall of Famer Jeff Contompasis, who exults in his persona of Ultra-Invite-Nerd, delving into odd bits of Loser arcana and telling about his patented Vitey-Sense about which contest will be coming up next.

She must not let herself be prisoned by a mere body that exulted blindly, basely, in its vigor.

Ewing\'s LadyHarry Leon Wilson

It was a glorious morning, and they exulted in it, rejoicing in the joy of living.

Two KnapsacksJohn Campbell

It was but another tribute to his power, and he exulted in the natural accessories that rendered this final scene so impressive.

Rhoda went quite meekly, and Esther having seen, exulted and thought she also should dare revolt.

The PrisonerAlice Brown

The men at first exulted in their new leisure; they were well enough content to kill a whale and loaf a week before another kill.

The Sea BrideBen Ames Williams

They sympathized with and exulted in these things, and hoped for their extension in Cuba.

The History of Cuba, vol. 3Willis Fletcher Johnson

In their triumphs she exulted; by their failures she was depressed.

EdenEdgar Saltus

She was powerless—and very deep down within her there leaped a wild thing that rejoiced—that exulted—in her powerlessness.

The OddsEthel M. Dell

So you exulted at recognizing a fellow-slave in one so fair and imperial?

ShirleyCharlotte Bront


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