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But I soon found that the exposures along the front were too great for my system, in its enfeebled condition.

"I got that picture by using a speed of thirty thousand times the normal sixteen exposures per second," replied Dr. Bird.

The hardships and exposures consequent on the persecutions, caused a general sickness.

But though existing under so great a variety of exposures, it must not be inferred that it can come to perfection in them all.

A Treatise on Sheep:Ambrose Blacklock

Doctors stuff cannot counteract the fatal results of such ignorance and exposures.

In this particular case, at two exposures the star was too faint to print its image upon the plate.

A Text-Book of AstronomyGeorge C. Comstock

The man could at once ruin him by his exposures if he chose, and he would do so if he found it necessary for his own security.

This Camera is made to carry in the hand, and is held against the side under the arm while exposures are made.

Blake and Joe were only to make the exposures; the developing and printing could better be done in New York.

One horse will endure hardships and exposures that will kill scores of others.

The Breath of LifeJohn Burroughs


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