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Moreover, existing bans on conversion therapy in Florida — which exist in around two dozen municipalities, including Miami, Tampa and Wilton Manors — are unconstitutional.

Martin didn’t have folx bowled over in laughter until 1992, while the programs that did exist — namely Family Matters, which first ran on ABC in 1989 — was still mired in the standard sitcom tropes.

Miard and other scientists have begun to upend what little knowledge exists about these mammals, revealing how colugos communicate and how they glide more than the length of a football field.

They exist not so much so the young men who play in them and the older men who coach them can learn about teamwork and camaraderie and overcoming adversity.

Indeed, as this story published, sources tell Fortune that the company has engaged in conversations that value it around $3 billion and would provide liquidity to existing shareholders.

As an added bonus, some of the existing infrastructure in our carbon-dependent economy, from pipelines to refineries, can be retrofitted to hydrogen-based energy production.

When Clarkson claimed no such records existed, no further effort was made to obtain the texts.

The company plans to produce its vehicles in what it calls “micro-factories,” using lightweight robotics and automation to stand up production facilities that fit into existing warehouses or similar spaces, reducing capital expenditures.

Hardship exemptions are typically given out to property owners seeking to protect existing homes.

The chips are essential to smartphones, and it’s unclear how Huawei will access the components to build new phones once it uses up its existing stockpile.


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