Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


"Yet it is ever thus, when Plato is with us," exclaimed Pericles.

"Now you are angry with me," exclaimed the sensitive maiden; and she burst into tears.

"Marvellous, indeed, is the mystery of our being," exclaimed Anaxagoras.

"He's gone off with my gold," exclaimed Paul Nichols, recovering from his stupefaction.

Ambrose only exclaimed “O uncle, you must have been hard pressed.”

It was only as he exclaimed, “Good aunt, I am fain to see thee here!”

Aggie exclaimed, insolently, and made a face at the officer.

"I can't see any one to-night, Thomas," he exclaimed, sharply.

Burke exclaimed; and, now, there was a new note in his voice.

"You did wrong if you didn't try to win," exclaimed Allis, angrily.


1560s, back-formation from exclamation or else from Middle French exclamer (16c.), from Latin exclamare "cry out loud," from ex- intensive prefix "out" (see ex-) + clamare "cry, shout, call" (see claim (v.)). Spelling influenced by claim. Related: Exclaimed; exclaiming.