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The guidance suggests testing staff twice a week if positivity rate in a county exceeds 10 percent.

Statewide, officials recommend no indoor social gatherings exceed 25 people.

The chess engine, an open-source program called STOCKFISH 8, has an estimated Elo-rating exceeding 3,200 points—Elo being the now-universal player-ranking system.

The staggering volume of claims exceeded expectations of the victims’ lawyers and could further complicate a restructuring process that is coming at the worst possible time for the Boy Scouts.

After that, teachers who do not have exemptions would need to return if student demand for in-person learning exceeds the number of teachers who volunteered to come back.

The one passed after 9/11 specifically talks about the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks and ISIS has exceeded that definition.

But, his stay in Bhutan has exceeded a decade now, making him more of a local than a foreigner.

The plea for funds gained traction and far exceeded his modest goal of $10—to the tune of $43,057 and rapidly growing.

When I actually met her, she exceeded even my highest expectations.

They have exceeded their numbers: 236 diverse candidates and more than 400 women.

Except the chief clerk, whose salary was about £160, I do not believe there was another whose pay exceeded £100 a year.

But even such prices have been exceeded by that of the celebrated King Joseph Guarnerius mentioned elsewhere, which realised £700.

He pointed out however that the average height of the Yugo-Slavs exceeded that of the Welsh.

The Motor Union has recommended that eighteen miles per hour be not exceeded on this road.

It is a popular resort, and on the day of our visit the number of people passing through the gate exceeded five hundred.


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