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noun as in heredity

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So Gordin refers to it, and alchemy, and eugenics, as vestigial sciences — once regarded as totally scientific, but cast aside into the pseudoscience realm by the advance of knowledge.

Prominent conservationists in the 19th and 20th centuries at times endorsed abhorrent practices, such as eugenics.

This last argument has been the justification for all past attempts at eugenics.

Critics of Helen Keller cite her writings that reflected the popularity of now-dated eugenics theories and her friendship with one of the movement’s supporters Alexander Graham Bell.

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As I argued recently in Nautilus, there is an illusion that’s long plagued science—linked to the eugenics movement and the ideas of Francis Galton, the founder of Nature—that objectivity in statistical analysis confers objectivity in interpretation.

The attempt to “breed back” the Auroch of Teutonic legend was of a piece with the Nazi obsession with racial purity and eugenics.

Eugenics is a word that made everyone at the event uncomfortable.

Therefore, we can at least infer that the people of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes did not have a rigorous eugenics program like Sparta.

Why the sterilization and eugenics programs are running in different countries in one way or another under the umbrella of UNO.

The very subject evokes dark visions of forced sterilization and the eugenics horrors of the early 20th century.

You might therefore consider it, in some sense, a story of eugenics, but that its outlook is emotional rather than scientific.

It has already been gone into in detail in the article on eugenics.

One of the things about which we know almost nothing at present is the subject of eugenics.

Euthenics precedes eugenics, developing better men now, and thus inevitably creating a better race of men in the future.

Euthenics is the term proposed for the preliminary science on which Eugenics must be based.


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