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Linking Scott’s legacy to a bird “is just adding to the erasure by putting another layer over it.”

The good news is that historians and journalists, as well as the women themselves, have been working hard to reverse this erasure and are having significant success.

More than an erasure of historical fact it is another example of the ongoing and dangerous practice of cherry-picking parts of our past to fit prepackaged national myths.

By exploiting the rules that neurons use to learn new associations, these next-generation electroceuticals may enable permanent disease erasure.

The sheet ended up being wounded by a playful machete, full of cut phrases, notes on the edges, reminders, arrows that redirect the reading and erasures in search of a better piece in each version.

In this way, inspiration becomes appropriation, which leads directly to theft and erasure.

While many of these depictions play into bisexual erasure, others reinforce harmful bisexual stereotypes.

The act of erasure through mis- or under-representation is an insidious one.

The total erasure of former employees is so familiar it even has a nickname.

I love the way erasure becomes a tool for depiction and emphasis, and failure becomes a heroic condition.

The French attorney general demanded the erasure of his name from the list of magistrates, but this the court refused.

For answer she bent over her typewriter and began to make an erasure.

Bruslart (ubi supra, i. 136) denies that the erasure was actually made as Charles had commanded.

This thin paste of wax was also spread on tablets of wood, that it might more easily admit of erasure.

Consequently the action of the iodine differs according to the extent of the erasure.


On this page you'll find 14 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to erasure, such as: deletion, eradication, expunction, expunging, obliteration, and blotting out.

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