Antonyms for equals

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Think of a son of Daniel J. Bines treatin' folks like that as if they was his equals.

Thus all men remain as they were in the state of nature, equals.

She saw girls treated as equals and friends by the men students.

Where is she to look for friends, for companions, for equals?

It was: "I as man, and you, as woman, are equals; will you give me time to reach you?"

He says that the square root of 3,630, multiplied by 2, equals the length plus the breadth.

It is my favorite of all the Boleti, indeed I think it equals the best of mushrooms.

Are they equals in the same sense in which absolute equality is equal?

Then these (so-called) equals are not the same with the idea of equality?

And has not this been our own case in the matter of equals and of absolute equality?