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The business man, through his pecuniary dispositions, enforces his choice of what industrial processes shall be in use.

Its code of morals is very short, very narrow, but it enforces what it has.

Such persistence is significant, and it enforces a lesson we very much need.

A Backward Glance at EightyCharles A. Murdock

A regulation passed in Paris at a Council held in 1212 enforces the same lesson by forbidding monks or nuns sleeping two in a bed.

Religion & SexChapman Cohen

It enforces perhaps a standard of behaviour which it is difficult always to follow.

Society has its fixed rules, by which it enforces social continuity and connection.

It only reiterates and enforces with additional emphasis what Science, in all its departments, has been saying all along.

EvolutionJoseph Le Conte

Maeterlinck, in his Monna Vanna and Joyzelle, enforces the same truth—that love to be love should be free.

IconoclastsJames Huneker

Pardon a digression which enforces the point that in these days everything has to be pictorial.

In his despatches to the Admiralty on the occasion, he touches very lightly on the error, but enforces every exculpatory plea.


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