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Georgia voters have an opportunity to enable another period of tangible progress.

Remarkably cheap and easy to use, this everyman technology swept across the world and enabled the democratization of genome editing.

That innovation is key to taking renewable energy mainstream, enabling it to be used even after the sun sets or the wind dies down.

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It also enables cities to quickly respond to crashes or potholes.

What digital enables you to do, of course, is not only go after surfers, but go after people who are interested in a premium wax on your surfboard.

Both projects only exist because enables users to access info via the Internet for free.

“I always say that whisky enables you to take a journey,” Dalgarno says.

Plus, it enables smaller minority groups to share their own story on their own terms with millions of people across the country.

“Technology enables dissent,” the former NSA contractor told the crowd of thousands via video screen, this time sans robot.

Investigators, on the other hand, have no physical evidence that enables them to begin their work.

This practice quickly enables you to turn figures into words, and to translate them back into figures.

To the animal whose special finger enables him to catch the insect?

David Arden's immensely increased wealth enables him to entertain very magnificent plans for this young man.

It enables the hostess to place those whom she is certain will be mutually entertaining, next each other.

The improvement of land by the purchaser under an oral contract is an act which enables him to enforce the contract in equity.


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