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Now the alternative tendered by Sokrates neither includes these pleasures nor eliminates these pains.

Uricsol quickly controls Vasomotor Rhinitis and eliminates such conditions from the system.

The common explanation of the above important question is that the artist “selects and eliminates from the forms of nature.”

This eliminates the idea that the cave adapted the animals for the life in the dark.

This eliminates constrictions and brings more rhythm or balanced activity in opposition to other muscles or in union with them.

Still it eliminates the majority of the chances of impregnation.

Safe MarriageEttie A. Rout

This eliminates the washing of dishes with the strong fishy odor.

Standard Paper-Bag CookeryEmma Paddock Telford

It eliminates all difference which may exist between a perception and an emotion.

It eliminates sodium hypophosphite, but I shouldn't wonder if it would eliminate human beings too.'

Trent's Last CaseE.C. (Edmund Clerihew) Bentley

There is no introducing glyph, a fact which at once eliminates the possibility that it might be an Initial Series.

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