Antonyms for egotisms

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I must be pardoned these egotisms, which the nature of my story renders necessary.

And now, my dear Auldjo, you have had enough of my egotisms.

It was, moreover, the first excursion out of the beaten path of their egotisms.

At any rate in death (as we say) he was not divided—from his egotisms.

Instead, we found you inflating yourself with all sorts of egotisms and vanities.

It was, of course, the inevitable clash of two egotisms; but that did not alter the facts.

The little circles of their egotisms have to be opened out until they become arcs in the sweep of the racial purpose.

So the common interests of two egotisms can alone make of these one egotism.

You have nothing to forgive in Felicia, said Maurice; she has been the target, I think, for all our egotisms to stab.

But he must have written what Montaigne dictated, as the expressions and the egotisms are all Montaigne's.