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Given the liberation and development of intelligence, and the discordant strife of egos will yield undreamed-of harmonies.

"Here's where I make some of 'em forget their egos, at so much per," says I, pointin' to the sign.

The three "Egos" are man in his three aspects on the astral, intellectual or psychic, and the Spiritual planes, or states.

It has been observed through the investigations that egos have been husband and wife, or parent and child, again and again.

The banishment of egos, ostracism, makes the people autocrat.

Having less self-respect, less proper regard for their egos, they care less than the cats do for the casing of the ego,--the body.

This Simian WorldClarence Day

The two Egos must lie not side by side, but in and over one another.

But I am not an ego along with other egos, but the sole ego: I am unique.

But for the idealistic standpoint, the substantial belongs alone to the intellectual world, to the Egos.

Our personalities thought they wanted so many things, but our egos knew we wanted only to grow, and so gave us the chance.


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