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noun as in diarrhea

noun as in Montezuma's revenge

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The player is tasked with making important decisions along the way, including choosing the best path, when to hunt and how to avoid illnesses such as dysentery.

I could do everything right—become a banker, shoot all my food, keep my family warm—and still, LucyKat932 would die from dysentery.

Lice, which spread typhus, were endemic, but perhaps the most infamous and preventable infections and diseases of the time were dysentery and typhoid fever.

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Fewer officers died of dysentery because they were in less crowded encampments, had access to cleaner water and, at least according to their own accounts, had better hygiene.

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In the 18th century, German immigrants coming to Pennsylvania boarded ships plagued with typhus, dysentery, smallpox, and scurvy.

I got drunk, sunstroke, and dysentery,” laughs Robert, “but I also got the girl.

She ended up in prison on the island of Saipan where she either was executed or died of dysentery.

At last, 17 days after he left his summer palace, His Holiness, seriously ill with dysentery, crossed the Indian border.

But he had gone away, on account of the deaths which had occurred there from some form of dysentery.

Stools composed almost wholly of mucus and streaked with blood are the rule in dysentery, ileocolitis, and intussusception.

Its internal uses are in hysteria, and 136 in such conditions as diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera.

Before that they were all crammed into the six cells, and locked in for the night, some of them with dysentery.

The most common complaint is a dysentery, towards the latter end of the autumn.


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