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There is nothing to show whence came “dubbing” or the “accolade.”

We understand each other, and we used to have more fun than anybody, just dubbing round the course.

Fore!Charles Emmett Van Loan

The festivities will last two weeks longer, and conclude with the dubbing of knights and the tournament, whereof more presently.

Life on a Mediaeval BaronyWilliam Stearns Davis

He brought an axe from a man who was dubbing out a canoe from a breadfruit log, and hacked away a chip for me.

Dubbing off the ends of the rails, he was in danger of amputating a toe or a foot with every stroke of the adze.

On the TrackHenry Lawson

If we have not just the right house we should not dare risk belittling our pleasant drawing-room by dubbing it "salon."

And he will not fall into the error of dubbing the author a minor poet because he is neither subtle nor imaginative nor profound.

Cf. accolade, a blow with the flat of a sword in dubbing a knight.

The BruceJohn Barbour

The Puseyite priests he regarded with disdain, dubbing them poor, silly, gullible mortals.

Norman MacleodJohn Wellwood

This is the manner of dubbing knights at this present, and that term ‘dubbing’ was the old term in this point, not ‘creating.’


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