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adjective as in named

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The phenomenon led BusinessWeek to dub the mass of new traders “Generation Robinhood” in a recent cover story.

From Fortune

In mockery of stuffy academia, they dubbed themselves the Olympia Academy.

He had also predicted the existence of a lightweight, electrically neutral particle—later dubbed the neutrino—that, while yet to be found experimentally, already offered a way forward in understanding a radiative process called beta decay.

The supervised classrooms — which the city has dubbed CARE classrooms — are staffed with existing school support personnel or after-school-program employees.

NASA dubbed the flight Space Transportation System-1, or STS-1 for short, and it marked the first of 135 space shuttle missions.

The Big Five banks dubbed too big to fail, are 35 percent bigger than they were when the meltdown was triggered.

There was The Brittany Murphy Story, dubbed a “colossal mess” by reviewers.

The raw materials— tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold—were dubbed “conflict minerals.”

The caliber at which Sam and the entire crew preformed dubbed them professionals not students.

William Dean Howells dubbed it the “true way of running off.”

Shall he style his father Noble homme and perhaps Honorable homme, whilst he himself is dubbed Messire?

The Wasp Fly—dubbed with brown bear or cow's hair, ribbed with yellow silk, and the wings of the inside of starling's wing.

The White Palmer—dubbed with white peacock's harl, and a black hackle over it.

The Fern Fly—dubbed with the fur from a hare's neck, which is of a fern colour, wings dark grey feather of mallard.

The Black Palmer—dubbed with black copper coloured peacock's harl, and a black cock's hackle over that, wings, blackbird.


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