Thesaurus / divergency


Thus far we go together; but this is a point of divergency, from which we take very different directions.
This divergency of views on the part of the dogs also quickly put an end to their advance.
This divergency of opinion extends over the period of ten years, from 1349 to 1359.
Or, in other words, to that divergency of type which is so well insisted on by Mr. Charles Darwin.
On the other hand, when divergency is permitted, it counts for a great deal.
The ribs are all of one curve and equidistant, and their divergency, resembling that of an open fan, has suggested the name.
The inward spirit of our faiths is the same, and it is only in their outward manifestations that they present any divergency.
Nor at first did it go far in furthering tolerance or respect for divergency of moral and religious convictions.
The divergency even of a second may amount to millions of miles if you only have your lines long enough.
The relationship is sometimes one of divergency or competition of trades.


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