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Worcester is rich in charitable institutions and revenues for alleviating the distresses of poverty.

I pity the distresses of the lady Julia, to whom I am no stranger, and will cheerfully give her all the assistance in my power.'

A Sicilian RomanceAnn Radcliffe

"Please don't if it distresses you," P. Sybarite begged gently.

The Day of DaysLouis Joseph Vance

But the point, the acme of my distresses, consisted in the awful uncertainty of our final fate.

On one night of the performance of this play, a general officer was observed in the boxes, weeping at the distresses of Indiana.

Inexpressible therefore must be our distresses in evading the late acts, by the disuse of British paper and glass.

She had the habit of talking out her heart to him, bringing him all her difficulties and distresses.

A Sheaf of CornMary E. Mann

This distresses me, for a man with a fractured thigh needs good teeth.

All this evidence of my temperamental instability alarms and distresses me on reflection and makes the soul weary.

The Journal of a Disappointed ManWilhelm Nero Pilate Barbellion

But of all its distresses the last was the most terrible; this was in 1770.

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