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I’m in the restaurant industry because I love taking care of people, and it feels so disrespectful to completely ignore the health of myself and my co-workers.

Workers often restrained students after they were disrespectful or profane and when there was no stated safety concern.

Wolfe said that was meant as a show of team unity by the Ravens, not a disrespectful gesture toward the Titans.

Borrowers have a moral duty to fulfill their loan agreements, the philosopher Immanuel Kant argued, because reneging on promises is disrespectful to oneself and others.

He also has been outspoken against athletes kneeling during the national anthem, saying in an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2016 that it is “disrespectful” and questioning the “sincerity” of quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Malaysian politician says that including dogs in opening ceremony was 'disrespectful to Malaysia and Muslims'

Predictably, the Chinese government lashed out and called the idea “disrespectful” and “provocative.”

One disrespectful chuckle and—well, people have disappeared for less.

"It is incredibly disrespectful and hurtful to the deaf community," he said.

Why, if Mandela is so beloved—the father of our nation—did so many people seem so disrespectful to his memory?

But he found the comrade of his youth an altered man, unreasonable, obstinate and disrespectful even before the public eye.

The shop officer has repeatedly warned me against my disrespectful and surly manner.

Impossible to be so disrespectful to the Field Marshal or so inconsiderate to their department as to reject the soft impeachment.

It would, indeed, be disrespectful in the listener not to pay intelligent heed to the discourses which emanate from the pulpit.

The old Scots knight next attacked the watchmaker with the same disrespectful familiarity.


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