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But for many centuries there is no evidence that they were in any way confounded with the Dharma.

Thus here, as in the Dharma Sūtra of Āpastamba, only six forms of marriage are recognised, instead of the orthodox eight.

Duty (dharma) is that good practice which is enjoined both by the Veda (ruti) and by the law (Sm.riti) founded on the Veda.

Holy Writ, which ordains the practice of Dharma, does not admit of a doubt.

Nevertheless a certain prejudice has prevailed against the Atharva from the time of the Dharma Sūtras.

In regard to the Dharma, two main lines were, in all likelihood, laid down as the basis of all early teaching.

All that Gautama did was to preach his Dharma, ‘Law,’ during forty-five years of itineration, and oral teaching.

In this connection we often come upon the important word Dhamma (Sanskrit, Dharma).

It is the dharma of a true wife to obey her husband's commands.

Chaitanya's Life And TeachingsKrishna das Kaviraja

This is what the Hindus call Dharma, and it is the teacher's duty to find out the boy's dharma and to help him to fulfil it.

Education as ServiceJ. Krishnamurti


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