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The temperature on this horizontal line at the point reached will be the dew-point.

The temperature at which the haze first appears is the dew-point.

This is dew; and the temperature at which the air is saturated with vapor, is called the dew-point.

Amongst the various contrivances for accomplishing859 this end are Daniels dew-point hygrometer; and the wet bulb hygrometer.

Hence the utility of instruments for determining the dew-point.

Dew-point, the temperature at which the air is saturated with the water-vapour which it contains.

If the temperature of the air falls to the dew-point, dew is deposited.

The dew-point is determined by means of an instrument called a hygrometer.

The Hygrometer, invented by Mr. Daniell, gives the dew-point by inspection.

At the height of one mile the temperature was 41 degrees and the dew-point 38 degrees.