Antonyms for delusional

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The second kind of insanity is called illusional or delusional.

But the rapt bard was blinded, as his utterances show, by what now almost appears to have been a fit of delusional insanity.

She's just traded identities—and everything else she does—everything else—stems logically out of her delusional premise.

In this study Freud shows out of what infantile forms of thought and instincts the delusional system was built up.

The "melancholic" is evidently Newington's "delusional" without his more accurate discrimination of symptoms.

These instances by no means exhaust the delusional fancies of the patient.

Later we shall have something to say about the delusional systems which appear to be common to the crowd-mind and the paranoiac.

He was delusional on religious subjects and thought the attendants were doing wrong.

Leaving these, let us proceed to the ward set apart for delusional insanity.

But in many cases of delusional insanity the cause is hidden; neither pulse nor other medical test betrays it.